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TK Namibia tours is a truly Namibian owner-managed safari and tour operator company


T K Namibia Tours started a long time back in 2002 as a dream. At that time Steven Uarije (known as "TK") was a freelance tour guide in Kaokoland in the northern part of Namibia. Steven Uarije was born in the Opuwo area, in Kunene Region and it is where he went to school as a child.




Steven Uarije has 8 years of experience in the tourism industry. I worked as a translator for anthropologists, researchers, photographers, and TV crews from around the world, and I worked a freelance tour guide for 8 years.




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ナミビア気候情報   今回はナミビアの気候についてお伝えします。   アフリカと聞くと一年中暑いイメージがありますが、ナミビアは南緯20度と赤道から少し 離れており、時期によっては寒くなることも。日本のようなはっきりした四季の変化はありませんが、一般的にナミビアの冬は6月から8月の下旬頃まで。朝晩、特に明け方は冷え込みます。   標高1200メートル近い首都ウィントフッ ...

ナミビア道路事情 ナミビアの道路は危険がいっぱい?!ウェブサイトの立ち上げから、半年が経ちました。 なかなか編集もおぼつかず、試行錯誤を繰り返しています・・・が、そろそろナミビアへ旅行される方に役立つような情報を少しづつ載せていきたいと思います。 ということで今回、道路事情から。   とにかく国土の広いナミビア、旅行者に人気のソーサスフレイも、ヒンバ族のいるオプオも首都からかなり離れたところにあり ...

Erongo Mountain Bushmen and Rock Paintings Tour The Bushmen tour it`s one of the best tour I can recommend to the visitors. We are here to connect you with our Namibian Culture. ...

New Website Opened!! We've just opened our brand new TK Namibia Tours website!!!   Come back soon for some great pics and travel blogs!   ...


Steven Sossusvlei tour!! It was amazing experience! We enjoyed so much Namib desert and Deadvlei. He showed us Big Africa Nature:) He drive so well safely, and even get flat tire, he fixed car. and organized this journey, he helped to book campsite and to BBQ, Cooler box etc... and make planning how to go around Namib desert area. His help make our journey more fun. He worked very well for our journey... Thank`s Steven!! We got a good journey because of you!!:) Good luck your life Journey!!

Takeshi Omura, JAPAN